Volume XII, SEA - Practical Application Of Science
Issue 34

The article discusses the case of the student Nicolae Rădulescu, one of the five young people who were included in the Burning Bush (Rugul Aprins) group and arrested in 1958 and seeks to reconstruct the facts by gathering the data from the documents of the former Secret Police and the testimony of the victim, the only current survivor of the group. The reading of the interrogation minutes and the numerous informative notes that can be found in the files drawn up in his name from the Informative and Criminal Fund, constitutes, from a witness' perspective, eloquent evidence of the tragedy of the situation, of the mystification and distortion of reality, of the fabrication of a profile in line with the purposes of the Secret Police. Thus, the analysis of the documents in the CNSAS Archive related to the arrest, investigation and trial provides an idea of the specific mechanisms of an oppressive regime in its struggle to annihilate any form of opposition or resistance. The efforts of student Nicolae Rădulescu to preserve dignity will inevitably bring to our attention the concept of the value of the human being in the context of a totalitarian regime. Another direction of the present article is the pursuit of the legitimacy of the fight waged by Nicolae Rădulescu in the name of preserving the Christian identity in a state that guaranteed religious freedom through the Constitution.

  • Citation: Ciornea, A. (2024). Destiny during repression. Case study: Nicolae Rădulescu. SEA - Practical Application of Science, Year (volume) XII, Issue (34), 7-14.
  • Published on: 31st January, 2024
  • Keywords: "Teodorescu Alex. and others" Lot; The Burning Bush; Father Daniil Sandu Tudor; Totalitarian communist regime, Nicolae Rădulescu;
  • Pages: 7-14
  • Received: 5th November, 2023
  • Final revision and acceptance: 15th January, 2024
Volume XII, SEA - Practical Application Of Science
Issue 34
Reka Zsofia PAP

The application of lean principles in construction project management is paramount for achieving optimal efficiency and minimizing waste. This study provides a comprehensive exploration of the innovative Big Room concept, serving as a collaborative hub where project stakeholders converge to streamline design and construction processes. Through a detailed examination of a real-life case study, we meticulously analyze the effectiveness, advantages, and obstacles encountered during the implementation of the Big Room methodology throughout the project lifecycle. By offering profound insights and practical recommendations, this research aims to enlighten and empower lean construction practitioners striving for excellence in project management.

  • Citation: Pap, R. K. (2024). Analyzing the Big Room concept through a case study. SEA - Practical Application of Science, Year (volume) XII, Issue (34), 15-22.
  • Published on: 23 March 2024
  • Keywords: lean construction; visual management, efficiency; construction management; innovation; process management;
  • Pages: 15-22
  • Received: 12 February 2024
  • Final revision and acceptance: 21 March 2024
Volume XII, SEA - Practical Application Of Science
Issue 34

Transformational leadership has gained significant scholarly attention for its potential to impact organizational performance. This study looked at the function of transformational leadership and its elements, which include intellectual stimulation, idealized influence, inspirational motivation, and individual consideration, in 20 Judo associations in Morocco. Out of 200 surveys distributed, a multiple regression analysis with a significance threshold of p < 0.05 could be performed on 158 of them. Findings indicate that transformational leadership, along with idealized influence and individual consideration, significantly and positively affect organizational performance. However, inspirational motivation and intellectual stimulation do not have a significant impact. It implies that in order to improve organizational performance, leaders should concentrate on idealized influence and individual consideration.

  • Citation: Hannoun, O. (2024). The Effect of Transformational Leadership Style on Organizational Performance: Case of Moroccan Judo Associations. SEA - Practical Application of Science, Year (volume) XII, Issue (34), 23-30.
  • Published on: 16 April 2024
  • Keywords: transformational leadership; organizational performance; sports organizations; Morocco;
  • Pages: 23-30
  • Received: 9 March 2024
  • Final revision and acceptance: 10 April 2024
Volume XII, SEA - Practical Application Of Science
Issue 34
Cristina Ionela BULAT

The study presents an analysis of the perceptions and experiences of both professors and students during the transition to online learning amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Key findings indicate a degree of consistency in the structure of online courses, with an emphasis on the importance of interaction between professors and students, highlighting the enduring significance of face-to-face contact in education. While course materials generally supported learning objectives, concerns regarding online assessment fairness and accuracy were noted. For students the preference for face-to-face courses was evident, but some expressed a preference for online learning. Digital communication platforms played a crucial role, with Zoom being widely adopted in the institution where the research was made. Professors faced higher workloads and technical challenges, while students adapted by dedicating more time to studying. Common consequences for students and professors included increased stress and workload, decreased teaching quality, and reduced interaction (among students and professor-students) with unique challenges for both groups. This study offers valuable insights for improving the online learning experience and highlights the importance of adaptability in the digital age.

  • Citation: Bulat, C. I. (2024). Higher education challenges faced by professors and students after first online semester. SEA - Practical Application of Science, Year (volume) XII, Issue (34), 31-39.
  • Published on: 31 May 2024
  • Keywords: higher education; online learning; COVID-19 pandemic; educational challenges;
  • Pages: 31-39
  • Received: 24 February 2024
  • Final revision and acceptance: 25 May 2024
Volume XII, SEA - Practical Application Of Science
Issue 34

The Performance Measurement Systems (PMSs) have been gaining an increased interest from both academics and businesses since almost the beginning of 1990, and many frameworks and approaches have been developed and introduced since then. The literature on PMSs is very extensive, however, there is limited number of studies regarding the pitfalls that could cause the failure of these systems, as well as the barriers that could block their implementation. Moreover, only a few studies discuss the reasons behind the unsuccessful PMSs based on actual experiences. The aim of this paper is to address some of the reasons that could affect the successful implementation of PMSs based on examining the available literature regarding this topic. The lack of understanding, the poor design and implementation of metrics, the required resources, as well as the fear of adopting new systems and technologies were of the most discussed reasons behind PMSs failure.

  • Citation: Owais, L. (2024). The barriers to successful performance measurement systems (PMSS): a literature review. SEA - Practical Application of Science, Year (volume) XII, Issue (34), 41-47.
  • Published on: 31 May 2024
  • Keywords: Performance Measurement Systems; PMSs; Balanced Scorecard; BSC; failure; barriers;
  • Pages: 41-47
  • Received: 16 March 2024
  • Final revision and acceptance: 25 May 2024
Volume XII, SEA - Practical Application Of Science
Issue 35
Renny BASTIDAS,Domicián MÁTÉ, Edit SZŰCS

This research delves into the intersection between knowledge management and sustainability, addressing the growing interest in this area. A comprehensive bibliometric review is conducted, analyzing 1100 peer-reviewed journal articles published between 1995 and 2023. The study explores various research constituents and uncovers underlying themes that shape the field. The findings reveal diverse foundational and thematic clusters, such as informed sustainability practice and ecological knowledge, which drive knowledge creation and innovation. These clusters intersect, highlighting the multifaceted role of knowledge management in advancing sustainability. The study concludes by proposing a new theoretical framework to encapsulate current understanding and guide further exploration, emphasizing the need for continued innovation to tackle the complex sustainability challenges organizations and society face.

  • Citation: Bastidas, R., Máté, D., Szűcs, E. (2024). Analyzing knowledge management practices for sustainable business: a bibliometric approach. SEA - Practical Application of Science, Year (volume) XII, Issue (35), 63-72.
  • Published on: 17 June 2024
  • Keywords: Knowledge Management; Sustainable Business Practices; Bibliometric Analysis; Emerging Trends; Sustainability in Business;
  • Pages: 63-72
  • Received: 3 May 2024
  • Final revision and acceptance: 15 June 2024
Volume XII, SEA - Practical Application Of Science
Issue 35
Sebastian TOCAR

Inventory management is an indispensable element of the firm's operational efficiency that determines the results of its activity and its long-term performance. The present study aims to analyze the influence of efficient inventory management on the performance of firms in the Wholesale and Retail trade sector, trying to isolate this relationship in order to bring out as many peculiarities as possible. In order to achieve the aim, fixed effects panel linear regression analysis was undertaken, applying the least squares dummy variables method. The regression models were constructed separately for the dependent variables of Gross Margin and Gross operating surplus as proxies for performance, and separately for the three datasets: Wholesale and Retail trade, Wholesale trade and Retail trade. The results of the analysis reveal the existence of significant relationships between inventory management and firm performance. The significant relationships identified did not confirm the expectations, although were validated by previous results identified in the literature.

  • Citation: Tocar, S. (2024). Inventory management and firm performance in wholesale and retail trade. SEA - Practical Application of Science, Year (volume) XII, Issue (35), 73-81.
  • Published on: 30 June 2024
  • Keywords: inventory; inventory management; firm performance; wholesale and retail trade; fixed effects panel linear regression
  • Pages: 73-81
  • Received: 22 April 2024
  • Final revision and acceptance: 27 June 2024