Volume V, SEA - Practical Application Of Science
Magdalena DANILEȚ

The present paper represents an introduction in the theory of the conceptual metaphors and the study of metaphors associated to work which appear in economics and economics research literature. More precisely, our paper aims to map metaphors of work and life in the context of labour mobility. We start from the premise that our representations of life and work encapsulated in metaphors that we use daily are in a relationship of interdependence (reciprocal determination) with representations of the organizational context in which we work. We associate the organizational context term directly with an organization/company to which the employer relates at a certain moment, and indirectly with the organization as „organized society at the level of community, state, civil society”.

  • Type: Review Article
  • Published on: 1st June 2017
  • Keywords: Metaphor, Work, Labour
  • Received: 25th April, 2017
  • Final revision and acceptance: 27th May, 2017